Bolt Banana Custard 100ml

Bolt Banana Custard 100ml

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Our Banana Custard e-liquid is a silky smooth blend of Bananas topped with lashings of warm Vanilla Custard.



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Introducing BOLT by Zeus Juice

When Flavour Strikes

Our Banana Custard e-liquid is a silky smooth blend of Bananas topped with lashings of warm Vanilla Custard.  An ever-popular combination, this classic creamy fruit flavour will magically melt in the mouth of any dessert lover.

Zeus Juice are proud to have developed a new short fill range, BOLT: an artistic alternative to traditional smoking that is vibrant, fun and full of flavour.

The range is designed specifically for customers that are looking for:

  1. Buying British manufactured e-liquid

  2. Strong, flavoursome choices for their vape

  3. Saving £££ by quitting smoking

  4. Colourful, artistic and unique branded products


What makes BOLT different?

Zeus Juice is well known for its signature bold, dark and mythological-inspired flavours and BOLTs selection of flavours marks a new direction for the brand, diversifying the product offering while keeping on top of market trends and consumer demand. BOLTSs tried and tested flavours such as Fruity Punch and Vanilla Custard appeal to a much broader audience that may be hesitant to try more intricate e-liquids, such as Zeus Juices bestselling Black Reloaded.

How is this range different to the BOLT we all saw in 2018?

The 2018 BOLT brand was originally built around a bubble gum theme, and the whacky flavours garnered a reputation as the vaping industrys marmite range. This time around, BOLT offers a broad variety of flavours that really hit the spot that arent based on a passing fad or a crazy idea born in the lab. BOLT is firmly inspired by the creative arts and culture and embraces the vibrant, fresh flavours we all know and love.

When flavour strikes? It has to be BOLT.

We are excited to launch BOLT as a mid-range following the success of our value range Proper Vape. All products are shipping immediately and we hope you enjoy the striking flavour profiles.



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